Give the Gift of Travel Letters

Family and friends play an important role on helping so many students afford the opportunity to travel on one of Hemisphere’s tours. Below are form letters that you can send to your friends and family requesting financial support for your adventure. Let them know that any contribution, regardless of the amount, will help!

Below are some sample letters to get you started;

Student Travel and Fundraising Go Hand in Hand!

Fundraising can play an extremely valuable role in determining whether a student is able to participate in educational travel. Teachers and parents understand the positive impact educational travel has on each student's life and the sacrifices that are made in order for students to participate. Many schools, students and organizations have raised hundreds of dollars in order fund their tour. A successful fundraising plan can help your tour become a reality for those who may not be able to afford such an experience.

Below are some fundraising links*;

*Hemisphere does not have any affiliations with any of the companies listed above nor are we responsible for any of their actions. We suggest you contact each company directly to determine if they are a proper fit for your group.

Here are some other useful ideas in addition to traditional fundraising ideas like dances, bake sales and car washes;

  • Contact local businesses (including large corporations) for sponsorship opportunities or donations. Company's can use this as a tax write-off. Some schools have sold sponsorship opportunities onto the t-shirts that they wear on tour.
  • Have the students contact their relatives and ask that all birthday presents, holiday presents, etc. are in the form of cash or check to help pay for their trip. You can even have a relative log in to your online account to make a direct payment with a credit card or provide them with your Tour Account Number and our mailing address to directly mail in a payment.
  • Many students have made extra money by mowing lawns, shoveling driveways or doing any other type of work that can help raise money.
  • Utilize social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc) to network with other teachers and peers that have fundraised in the past. They may be able to provide you with useful information and successful plans.

As a reminder to our Group Leaders, Hemisphere will accept bulk fundraising checks and apply it to each individual's account. We ask that you provide us a list of each participant's name and the amount that should be applied to their account.