Safety & Security

Hemisphere implements the following safety and security procedures with every tour:

As a parent, we realize your concerns when it comes to sending your children on an educational tour. At Hemisphere we take your concerns, along with the safety, security and well being of your children very seriously. Our tours address the issues of group safety and coordination by providing;

  • A structured, chaperoned & supervised tour. Chaperones are provided by your school/organization or group leader.
  • Careful selection of all tour components including transportation, hotel, attractions, restaurants and other student tour suppliers.
  • 24 Hour emergency contact phone numbers, emergency contact cards & lanyards for each participant.
  • Use of hotel properties that have interior corridors.
  • Private, professional security guards to monitor the hotel hallways for overnight tours (optional).
  • Comprehensive accident and illness coverage for each tour participant for the duration of the tour with medical, accident, and dental coverage.
  • Professional Tour Operator's Insurance and General Liability Insurance for the duration of the tour.
  • A Consumer Protection Plan, through our membership requirements of SYTA, provides you with the assurance of Hemisphere's financial integrity along with protecting your financial investment.

At Hemisphere Educational Travel, the safety and security of your students are a top priority.