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Travel Prep Checklist

Choose a cool destination … check!

Plan an awesome itinerary … check!

Now that travel is on the horizon, take a few steps to prepare you and your group for a great tour. And don’t worry: Hemisphere Educational Travel is here to help, every step of the way.

  1. Do the paperwork. Ensure every participant turns in tour paperwork, including registration and medical forms.
  1. Secure travel insurance. Student travel is an investment and it needs protection. Hemisphere Educational Travel provides optional travel protection plans through Travel Insured International, Inc., to help keep students’ health and finances covered in case something unexpected disrupts the tour.
  1. Set the ground rules. Set expectations for student behavior and safety before the tour. Make sure the chaperones know the guidelines, too, so they’re able to enforce disciplinary action when needed.
  1. Have a plan for emergencies. Make sure parents know where students will be, and when. Ensure parents and guardians know how to contact your group, in the event of a family emergency.
  1. Check the weather forecast. About 10 days before traveling, check the forecast for your destination and anticipate what clothes you and your students will need to pack to stay comfortable.
  1. Create a packing list. Sit down and make a list of all the things you and your students will need to be prepared for the tour, including toiletries, appropriate attire, medication, rain jackets or ponchos, and comfortable walking shoes. 

Written by Hemisphere Educational Travel