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Ultimate Student Group Travel Packing List

Being prepared for a trip is as simple as making a list and checking it twice.

Make sure the following items are in your students’ bags.

  1. Layers! It’s always a good idea to check the weather forecast before packing. It’s an even better idea to pack layers. Weather can be unpredictable and sometimes temperatures fluctuate during the day. Any extra layers can be left on the motorcoach. Don’t forget your sunscreen!
  1. Accessories. By accessories, we mean gloves, hats and raincoats or ponchos. Leave the umbrellas at home—they become a safety hazard in large groups.
  1. Comfortable walking shoes. Such as sneakers. Flip-flops are not recommended.
  1. Cameras. The tour leader will want to specify whether tablets and cellphones will be allowed on the tour. If phones aren’t coming along, make sure your students pack a camera. Label cameras with names.
  1. Extra spending money. When all meals are included on the tour, students spend an average of an $50 or less on things like souvenirs. Allow approximately $8 to $10 for lunches not included and approximately $10 to $15 for dinners not included. (Some cities may be more expensive.)
  1. A safe place for money. Travelers should secure their money in a deep pocket with zippers, hidden wallet, fanny pack or another item. Loose purses should be avoided.
  1. A reusable water bottle. It’s important to stay hydrated! Plus, bringing along a reusable water bottle reduces the need to purchase water daily.

Written by Hemisphere Educational Travel