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Student safety is Hemisphere Educational Travel’s No. 1 priority while traveling. While we do everything we can to ensure security, here are actions groups must take to stay safe on the road and in a destination.

  1. Do not talk to strangers.
  1. Do not go anywhere alone. Develop a buddy system among your travelers—and stick to it, even when students are going to the restroom.
  1. Students should stay with chaperones at all times and follow instructions.
  1. Follow the rules of the road. When walking or crossing streets, groups should follow the pedestrian rules of each site, attraction and destination. Only cross the street at a crosswalk, when the signal is green or when traffic is clear.

  2. Keep money secure and hidden. Travelers should never carry too much cash and they should avoid carrying money in loose purses. Deep pocket with zippers, hidden wallets, fanny packs and other items can help keep cash safe from pickpockets.

Written by Hemisphere Educational Travel