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Parent Meeting Prep Tips

Meeting with parents is an integral component when it comes to planning your upcoming student trips. Are you sure you’ve thought through everything you need? Here are some guidelines and tips to prepare for and conduct successful parent meetings for your next trip.

  • Contact Hemisphere! We’ll create a customized proposal for your tour.
  • Once the proposal is accepted, Hemisphere will forward the contract and registration packet for review.
  • Tour Leader should obtain approval for travel from the administration. 
  • Check school calendar to confirm available dates to have a meeting discussing the trip.
  • Inform Hemisphere of your meeting date so we can FedEx registration packets for your meeting.
  • Notification from the school should be sent to the families eligible to participate in the trip. The notification should include the date, time and location of the meeting.
  • Take roll call at the meeting to be aware of who attended the meeting and where you can focus your recruiting efforts.
  • During the meeting, the Tour Leader can go through the registration packet with the families. The registration packet will contain the tour inclusions, a sample itinerary, registration instructions and the forms required to travel. The Tour Leader can also review any school policies in relation to the trip.
  • After the meeting, any unanswered questions can be forwarded to Hemisphere.

Courtesy of Hemisphere Educational Travel.