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Fundraising 101

You’ve come up with the perfect trip for your students.

Hemisphere has just what you need to make it a reality.

But first, you may need to focus your efforts on fundraising.

These basic tips can help ensure you’re able to cross the t’s and dot the i’s for your next trip.

Act Early.

Set a goal early. Don’t wait! If you and your classroom have more time to fundraise, those smaller donations will add up over time, making it easier on everyone. It’s also helpful to do prospect research on individuals and businesses that have donated to your school in the past; they may be eager to do so again!

Ask. Ask. Ask.

Though it may be intimidating to do so, simply asking for donations can make an impressive dent in helping your group chip away at their fundraising goal. Many people in your community may seek a worthy cause to donate to—but won’t know this opportunity exists until you tell them! You never know who might contribute.

Get Social.

People are more inclined to donate to a fundraiser when the process is made easy for them. Spread the word on social media! Utilize fundraising platforms such as GoFundMe and DonorsChoose, allowing donations to be made directly from a person’s smartphone. You can also track these funds in real time to monitor how close you’re standing to your goal amount.

Think Creatively!

Want to try something new to raise the bar? Get your creative juices flowing with a brainstorming session! Host a movie night at your school, create an educational scavenger hunt around town, et cetera. Think critically about the community, what is valued there and the local landscape—there could be an opportunity to do something that can only happen in YOUR city.

If It Ain’t Broke …

Some well-established forms of fundraising are still used today because, well … They work! Consider hosting a car wash, selling candy bars, raking leaves, shoveling snow, having a bake sale and more.

Courtesy of Hemisphere Educational Travel.