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Jen Ginn

Jennifer Ginn is a Customer Service Representative for Hemisphere Educational Travel.

What is your favorite part about your job?

My favorite part about working at Hemisphere Travel is the close family connection we have with each other in the office as well with the students, teachers and families we serve. I was an elementary school teacher for many years before I took time off to raise my three children. I miss the day to day interactions in the classroom, but working here at Hemisphere allows me to help children experience education outside of the classroom.  

Where is your favorite destination?

It is very hard to choose just one favorite destination, as I love traveling and experiencing new places. If I had to choose though, my favorite destination would be Carmel, California. Carmel has all the pieces of travel that I love: the ocean, beautiful beaches, delicious food and gorgeous scenery.

What’s your most treasured travel memory, or the best thing you’ve learned while traveling?

My family has been taking an annual trip to Namekagon Lake in Northern Wisconsin since the mid 1980s. My mom and dad started this tradition and I have the best memories of laughing, relaxing and spending quality family time together on the lake. My husband and I have continued the tradition with our three children and vacation on the lake every summer with our extended family.

What is the best thing you have eaten while traveling?

My favorite is stopping for an Irish coffee at the Buena Vista in San Francisco at the end of the cable car line at Fisherman’s Wharf.

If you were stranded in an airport, what three things would you want with you? 

I would have to have my favorite book to read, Yeti mug and my tablet loaded with Netflix and my favorite music.

If you could run into anyone famous—fictional or nonfictional, historical or mythical—during travel, whom would you want to run into?

I would love to meet Jimmy Buffett on my travels, as we share a love of tropical music, boat drinks and island living. I am sure he would have some amazing stories to share from all of his adventures.

What’s one thing you would recommend every student group do while traveling? 

I would definitely recommend trying one new food while traveling. It can be something unique to the area or just an item that looks different and one you have had never had before. Making that connection to the area you are visiting will leave a lasting impression. It might be a good or not so good memory—depending on the taste—but a lasting memory nonetheless!

What destination on your bucket list do you most want to visit? 

I love every place tropical, so my bucket list destination would have to be Costa Rica. The lush rainforest, volcanoes and beaches would be a fun and exciting place to visit.

What’s your favorite activity while traveling, or something you’ve always wanted to try?

While traveling with my family in the Grand Tetons in Jackson, Wyoming, we took a white water rafting trip down the Snake River. We experienced a little bit of everything that day.

What do you love about travel? 

Traveling is a great way to learn and grow as a person. Whether I am traveling near or far from home, there is always room to explore and find new things to try and do. Traveling takes me out of the normal routine and recharges my brain.

Courtesy of Hemisphere Educational Travel.