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Fundraising Tips and Tricks

For many, fundraising is an essential component in making student travel possible. Curious what other educators have had success with? Hemisphere spoke with some past clients to get their best tips and tricks for upping your fundraising game.


“Our top fundraiser for those who choose to participate is the ‘Nelson's Chicken Sale,’ which is a local fundraiser,” said Dawn C. Flatt, an educator from Trinity Lutheran. “We have pizza Friday's that also helps our classes.”

Building a rapport with local businesses is huge if you’re looking to have them become repeat donors or trip sponsors.


“We write sponsorship letters to past supporters, businesses and famous people,” said Janna Radarian, an educator from Imagine East Mesa. “We also put on a ‘Breakfast with Santa’ in December where all the food is donated and then sold to families along with photos with our in-house Santa.”


“We do a ButterBraids fundraiser for grades 6 through 8, and a poinsettia sale and a South Bend Chocolate fundraiser for grade 8,” said Jennifer Rice, an educator at Grissom Middle School.

Michelle Brittain, an educator at Fort Scott Middle School, says that her students also sell various items, conduct various raffles, and have dinners in order to raise funds for their trip.


“We also sell crafts made by students at the Santa Breakfast and have kid friendly crafts that families can pay to have their children do,” added Radarian. “We also invite outside vendors to sell if they pay a booth fee.”

Other options and ideas include:

  • A Goodwill Fundraiser: Ask your local Goodwill if they’ll make a donation to your efforts per pound of goods collected and donated to their organization.
  • Car washes and dances.
  • Service-learning opportunities.

Still want more fundraising ideas and tips? We’ve got you covered. 

Courtesy of Hemisphere Educational Travel.