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It’s Not Too Late to Plan Your 2018 Trip

Still want to plan a trip for 2018? It’s not too late! One-, two- and three-day travel opportunities can have a huge impact on your students’ lives. Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Choose a destination.

Consider the list of some of our most popular U.S. tours. Destinations within three to four hours of your hometown are filled with attractions and activities to enhance student learning and build relationships.

In the Midwest? Consider Chicago or Cleveland. On the East Coast? Williamsburg and Boston are riddled with history. Nashville is a great destination for students in the South, and San Diego is packed with attractions for students on the West Coast.

The options are as vast as the United States.

  1. Consider what you want to do.

Are your students history buffs? Aspiring scientists or biologists? Musicians or dancers hoping to hone their skills and perform for an audience?

No matter your destination, we can curate a fun and educational itinerary that appeals to your students’ interests and curriculum.

  1. Request a quote.

Tell us the basics, and we’ll dive into the details.

Request a quote by filling out this brief form—it only takes a few minutes, and we’ll take the work from here. 

Written by Hemisphere Educational Travel