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Why Your Students Need Travel Insurance

Even with all that planning going into student travel, the unexpected can happen. Students get sick. Flights get canceled. Passports get stolen.

We’re not exactly arguing Murphy’s Law—anything that can go wrong, will go wrong—but there is a possibility something unexpected will disrupt a trip.

Students save money for months to travel. It’s important to secure their investment and account for unexpected costs, and group leaders need to consider the liability of schools and travel companies if a student doesn’t have proper coverage.

While not an exhaustive list, travel insurance could cover:

Medical Expenses

Accidents happen. Students get sick. It’s important to be covered for unexpected medical issues and be reimbursed for anything students may have to pay out of pocket for, such as hospital visits or medication.

Trip Cancelation

If a trip is canceled for any reason—a policy change, natural disaster, sickness or other factor—students will receive a refund for the cost.

Trip Interruption

In the event of a family emergency, students will be provided the funds necessary to travel home.

Document Protection

Travel insurance will replace important documents, such as passports and parent credit cards, if they become lost or stolen.

Emergency Medical Reunions

If students need to be hospitalized, funds will be provided to transport a family member or friend to the student’s bedside. This coverage also ensures the family will be kept informed concerning the student’s medical condition.

Emergency Evacuations

Emergency evacuation coverage finances a safe and planned medical evacuation when a student cannot otherwise be moved in order to receive medical care.

When trips don’t go exactly as planned, travel insurance protects students’ investments and ensures they receive the care they need. 

Written by Hemisphere Educational Travel