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Preparing students for travel—especially those who may have never traveled on a longer overnight school trip before—can be a daunting process. There’s so much to share and learn along the way to ensure a trip runs smoothly and is both successful and enriching! Consider some of these guidelines to help prepare students for what lies ahead so they can get the most out of their upcoming adventure.

Create a trip handbook.

This could include any and all info they’ll need before and during the trip, including the dos and don’ts of airport behavior, safety information and an overall code of conduct. If your group is traveling by air, Hemisphere provides a Helpful Tips sheet including what to expect from airport security and baggage policies of each airline. Set aside time to have conversations with students beforehand about what is expected and encourage them to ask any questions they may have.

Consistently remind students of their code of conduct.

Have students consider the destination they’re visiting and whether they’re going to need to learn some of the local language and customs. The last thing you want is for students to unintentionally offend someone. Remind them that not every place you visit may be appropriate for photos or selfies. Visits to more somber memorials or sites require a level of respect that should be communicated to students beforehand. Should a misstep happen, use it as a teachable moment to move forward.

Be realistic and honest about expectations.

Convey to students that while the trip is a chance for learning and fun, it’s also to be taken seriously and any inappropriate behavior or violation of their code of conduct has consequences—including the possibility of being sent home early. While no teacher wants to send a student home from a trip that has been meticulously planned and could have impactful educational benefits, respectful behavior should always be a priority.

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Written by Hemisphere Educational Travel