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Motivating Students to Maximize Their Fundraising Efforts

Out of all of the components that make unforgettable student trips possible, fundraising certainly takes a front seat. Learn more about why it’s beneficial for students to work on their fundraising efforts themselves and how they can get started.


Whether parents have sufficient funds to pay for a student’s trip outright or fundraising is a necessity to make a trip possible for a deserving student, the benefits of students leading the charge in the fundraising effort are a plenty. Before parents write that check, consider the following reasons students should go the extra mile to fundraise themselves.

  • They’ll have to make their case. Having students outline what going on a trip means to them not only conveys the reasons to their potential donors, but also makes them more aware of the benefits!
  • It will be a lesson in value. Teaching students that some things in life require extra planning and work to come to fruition is a lesson that never goes out of style. Goal setting, public speaking and brainstorming are skills that benefit students throughout their education journey and beyond.
  • Students could potentially raise more money! When youth are able to personally articulate the reasons a trip would be beneficial and educational for them to potential donors, it’s impressive! Donors may feel compelled to give even more generously toward students’ efforts knowing they’re working hard.


  • Encourage students to make a handwritten list detailing the reasons they want to go on the trip and practice a speech before making a donation ask.
  • Have a brainstorm session with students to come up with fundraising ideas! Whether it’s a car wash, bake sale, scavenger hunt or a handmade Valentine’s Day card sale, you never know what fun and effective events youth will come up with.
  • Hold parent-teacher meetings to learn about any community resources and connections you may have available. Loop students in once you have some already friendly avenues for them to pursue.

*As a reminder, we kindly ask that all fundraising payments are provided to us no later than 2 weeks prior to your final payment date. That allows us plenty of time to allocate the funds to each participant’s account so they can pay the proper balance.

Written by Hemisphere Educational Travel