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Four Things to Focus On

Once you’ve decided on the perfect destination for your upcoming student trip, the planning can begin! Though this can seem like a whirlwind of information, focusing on these four things will ensure you stay on the right track for travel success.

  1. Choose your dates.

Consider things like the weather and what else might be going on in your destination of choice at that time. Certain times of the year, like the fall, are worth considering, with there being more availability at must-see attractions and lower costs overall. It’s also vital to consult your school district’s calendar to ensure the trip doesn’t conflict with any major dates, like testing.

  1. Get to fundraising!

A huge part of making trips a reality for most, fundraising should be top of mind—and done early. Get creative and brainstorm ideas with fellow educators who have traveled in the past, and invite parents to share their own ideas. It also never hurts to simply ask, so encourage students to get out in the community and share with potential donors what this trip would mean to them.

  1. Set expectations.

This means for both students and parents! Create a “behavior contract” which provides students with clear expectations for behavior on the trip, including the proper way to behave in line, at the hotel, your cellphone policy and more. Be sure to also hold regular parent meetings to go over cost, deadlines, etc.

  1. Cover your health and safety bases.

Collect emergency contact paperwork and work with any students who have accessibility or medical considerations. Knowing these things early offers a wider window for making adjustments to ensure every student has the time of their lives while remaining safe and comfortable. If traveling to a destination where a language other than English is spoken, be sure that medical information is translated for emergency situations and that students know how to ask for help in that language.

Written by Hemisphere Educational Travel