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Tips for Wrapping Up Your Student Travel Season

You’re home from your unforgettable student trip and the excitement still hasn’t settled down. Take advantage of these lingering thrills to prepare yourself for the future with these end-of-season tips.

Complete Hemisphere’s post-trip survey.

When it comes to providing an experience that exceeds expectations every time, Hemisphere relies on educators to share their experiences. In order to make stellar student trips possible, we need to know what attractions or experiences were a resounding success as well as what aspects could use some tweaking—from those that experienced it. We love to hear what you have to say!

Plan ahead!

While it’s fresh in your mind, write your ideas for the future down! We tend to have really inspiring ideas while traveling, only to forget them later down the line. Maybe even set aside a specific travel notebook where your ideas and potential destinations for the future can live.

Conduct a survey of your own.

Find out from your students what they thought went well—and what didn’t. If the goal is to make each year’s trip even better than the last, getting this valuable feedback from your students is going to help inform you and provide perspectives you may not have considered until now.

Think about selling your trip for the next year.

Collect quotes from your students about what they loved so future student travelers will get excited knowing their peers had the time of their lives. Ask students for suggestions for destinations for the years ahead and consider creating a photo album—physical or digital—to share. Maybe even have a contest where students create a flyer for next year’s trip!

Have you started thinking about next year yet?


Written by Hemisphere Educational Travel