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10 Stages of Planning

No successful student trip simply happens overnight! The time, effort and planning that goes into it is something every educator who has traveled with students before can relate to.


1. The moment you decide to do the trip and pinpoint your incredible destination(s).

2. And you get administrative approval!

3. It doesn't take long for you to start creating MAJOR excitement for your students once the trip is announced. 

4. From there, the fundraising efforts are in full force––from students working hard for donations to applying for scholarships and more.

5. And though there's a lot of paperwork to distribute, fill out and collect, you know it'll all be worth it in the end.

6. Preparing students for packing is a whirlwind, but you're confident they'll only bring exactly what they need and nothing more. 

7. Your head is swirling with anticipation the night before your trip as you try to be sure you've covered all of your bases.

8. Luckily, eveything has gone to plan, and you arrive to your destination safely. 


9. And you know a student has never moved faster than when a chaperone knocks on the hotel door to make sure they're in bed getting rested for tomorrow's activities.

10. From sunup to sundown, you and your students end up having the time of your lives and after all is said and done, nobody has any energy left to spare. 

11. Hearing students share how much they learned and how much fun they had once you arrive back home makes you even more ready to start planning your next trip.