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Costa Rica

It’s no secret that Costa Rica is a beautiful destination full of adventure, beauty, nature, science, culture and history. Students have an incredible opportunity to experience it all for themselves during a once in a lifetime tour with Hemisphere. Here are four of the top reasons to start planning your next trip to Costa Rica now.


In addition many must-see attractions in Costa Rica, Hemisphere’s customized tours offer immersion opportunities for students who speak and are learning Spanish to participate in local Spanish classes.


Students can expect to find various opportunities to take part in some fun that’s only available while visiting this gorgeous destination. Heather Wuske from Marion High School agrees:

“Whether it is zip lining through the tree canopy of rappelling off a cliff with a rushing waterfall, there is no shortage of genuine extreme fun!”

A walk over the lofty suspension bridges or whitewater rafting down the rapids will give students a thrill like no other.


Whether it’s taking in the beauty of flowers they never even knew existed, seeing sloths relaxing in the trees lining the roadside or having Howler Monkeys be their alarm clock each morning, students will many new and exhilarating discoveries to make.


It’s hard to find a place any more gorgeous than this. Students can explore the beautiful cloud forest in Monteverde, hike to La Fortuna Waterfall, check out the smoking active volcano inside Arenal Volcano National Park, spend the evening bathing in a natural volcanic hot spring and more.

Learn more and start planning today.

Courtesy of Hemisphere Educational Travel.