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Tying Your Curriculum to Your Travel

At the root of student travel is the desire to expose them to new things and different perspectives—all while being educated along the way. A student group trip always has an educational element, and how you bring their unforgettable experience back to the classroom can help make all the difference. Consider these educator-contributed tips for tying your curriculum to your travel.

Parental Communication on Trips

Part of the magic of student travel is being able to watch students blossom on their own in a new place—exploring, discovering, and learning independently. But you may be wondering exactly how much parental communication is necessary on a student trip. We asked educators to share their thoughts on how much is just enough.

Marlie is an Educational Account Executive with Hemisphere Educational Travel.

Ensuring students are aware of all behavioral expectations is key to a successful and smooth class trip. Learn how other educators plan ahead to avoid bad behavior on trips, and the approaches they’ve taken to manage bad behavior when it arises.