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Ensuring students are aware of all behavioral expectations is key to a successful and smooth class trip. Learn how other educators plan ahead to avoid bad behavior on trips, and the approaches they’ve taken to manage bad behavior when it arises.

While students read about historic events in their textbooks in the classroom, nothing beats seeing the real thing in person. Whether it’s a moment of solemn reflection at the Holocaust Museum, an informative visit to George Washington’s Mount Vernon or connecting with their fellow classmates, standing where historic figures stood provides expanded perspective and lifelong memories for students.

Destination DC

Every student should have the opportunity to visit our nation's capital. Educational tours in Washington, D.C. provide young people with a clearer understanding of how our government works and allows them to see some of the most important and thought-provoking buildings, monuments and national treasures in our country.

What Parents Want to Know

Parents come to educators with pages of questions leading up to a student trip—and rightly so! Whether you’re planning your very first class trip or you’ve been traveling with your students for years, these topics broached by parents are always good to have top of mind.