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Motivating Students to Maximize Their Fundraising Efforts

Out of all of the components that make unforgettable student trips possible, fundraising certainly takes a front seat. Learn more about why it’s beneficial for students to work on their fundraising efforts themselves and how they can get started.

US Civil Rights Trail

The tragedies and triumphs that took place during civil rights movement during the 1950s and 1960s awakened an entire nation to the reality of racial injustice African-Americans faced nationwide. During that time, African-Americans fought to gain equal rights in the United States and were met with resistance, and often violence. Here are five reasons taking your students on a civil rights tour is a necessary and eye-opening experience you don’t want to miss.

Student and youth travel are on the rise, with the World Tourism Organization predicting an increase of almost 300 million international youth trips per year by 2020. Hemisphere sends students all around the world and 2018 was no exception! Get excited for what’s to come by taking a look at some of our top destinations from 2018:

Now that 2019 is officially in full swing, you may be thinking that you’ve missed the boat when it comes to planning your stellar student trip for this year. Though it certainly does pay off to plan early, you haven’t missed your chance!