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Preparing students for travel—especially those who may have never traveled on a longer overnight school trip before—can be a daunting process. There’s so much to share and learn along the way to ensure a trip runs smoothly and is both successful and enriching! Consider some of these guidelines to help prepare students for what lies ahead so they can get the most out of their upcoming adventure.

Rebecca Hernandez

Rebecca Hernandez is a Customer Service Representative for Hemisphere Educational Travel.

Glimpse behind the scenes

Welcome to our world of Tour Operations!

While many of you are familiar with our many wonderful Account Executives, you may not be as familiar with our Operations department. Here in Operations, we work with the Account Executives to execute and deliver a fantastic tour for all of our schools and groups. We mainly work behind the scenes and put together tour paperwork, process payments, organize flight confirmations and assist with reservations.

Motivating Students to Maximize Their Fundraising Efforts

Out of all of the components that make unforgettable student trips possible, fundraising certainly takes a front seat. Learn more about why it’s beneficial for students to work on their fundraising efforts themselves and how they can get started.