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Tips to Tie Itinerary to Curriculum

Sure, student trips are full of fun and adventure, but how can you be sure the educational aspect doesn’t become lost throughout all the memorable moments students are making? Follow these 3 tips to ensure your curriculum is not only included in your trip, but also enhances the overall experience.

Top NYC Shows

Many will say that seeing a Broadway show is a must while visiting New York City—and they’re right! We’ve gathered a list of our favorite shows students won’t want to miss while taking on the Big Apple.

Jen Ginn

Jennifer Ginn is a Customer Service Representative for Hemisphere Educational Travel.

Silver Lining Trip

Recently, Hemisphere Educational Travel gave back to the SYTA Youth Foundation (SYF) and helped plan the details of a Silver Lining student trip involving the Civil Rights Trail in Alabama and students from an organization called Thread. Hemisphere team members Danny, Emily and Shelby share their takeaways from the trip—and why it was an important opportunity for students.