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 New STEM Itineraries!

Class trips with a STEAM focus just got even more fun! Hemisphere has introduced some new STEAM itineraries for student groups looking to experience some awesome science, technology, engineering, arts and math adventures! See below for some examples of just what kind of educational journeys students can embark on.

Caroline Dewey

Caroline is an Educational Account Executive at Hemisphere Educational Travel.

Fundraising 101

You’ve come up with the perfect trip for your students.

Hemisphere has just what you need to make it a reality.

But first, you may need to focus your efforts on fundraising.

5 Things You Should Consider Adding to Your D.C. Trip

Washington, D.C., is ripe with educational opportunities for you and your classroom. It may actually be hard to choose where you should spend your time—because there truly is so much to learn! In addition to thought-provoking buildings, monuments and national treasures, consider these options for your next trip to the U.S. capital.