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Jennifer Rosenbaum

Jennifer Rosenbaum is the Director of Finance at Hemisphere Educational Travel.

The scam stories are out there: Teachers and students have lost money from booking tours with unaccredited tour operators. Student travel is important, and there are student and youth tour operators dedicated to fostering integrity and tourism.

The Student and Youth Travel Association (SYTA) selected these 10 cities as the top United States travel destinations favored by students and teachers for their unique educational opportunities, performance venues and exciting activities. 

Jack Golen

In the late 1960s, Jack Golen was a history and geography teacher at Austin High School in Chicago, Illinois. Wanting to make a lasting impression on his students, he decided to take his class to visit Washington, D.C.—and realized that his students were not only having fun, but also learning as classroom curriculum came to life. Jack started Hemisphere Educational Travel just one year later.