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5 Things You Should Consider Adding to Your D.C. Trip

Washington, D.C., is ripe with educational opportunities for you and your classroom. It may actually be hard to choose where you should spend your time—because there truly is so much to learn! In addition to thought-provoking buildings, monuments and national treasures, consider these options for your next trip to the U.S. capital.

We've Moved!

It’s true: Hemisphere has moved! We packed our bags, but luckily didn’t need to go very far to get settled in again.

The Big Apple

New York City has a seemingly endless variety of offerings—giving visiting groups a well-rounded take on the Big Apple. Below are just some of the countless ways students can explore this concrete jungle.

Parent Meeting Prep Tips

Meeting with parents is an integral component when it comes to planning your upcoming student trips. Are you sure you’ve thought through everything you need? Here are some guidelines and tips to prepare for and conduct successful parent meetings for your next trip.