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Jack Golen

In the late 1960s, Jack Golen was a history and geography teacher at Austin High School in Chicago, Illinois. Wanting to make a lasting impression on his students, he decided to take his class to visit Washington, D.C.—and realized that his students were not only having fun, but also learning as classroom curriculum came to life. Jack started Hemisphere Educational Travel just one year later.

In the 34 years that Medieval Times has been in business, a king has always been at the forefront of its productions.

Until now.

Student safety is Hemisphere Educational Travel’s No. 1 priority while traveling. While we do everything we can to ensure security, here are actions groups must take to stay safe on the road and in a destination.

When we say “Broadway,” you say … “Chicago”? 

For many travelers, Broadway is synonymous with New York City. Yet the Broadway In Chicago lights are just as bright—with their own special shine.