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An Easy Way to Create a Video of Your Trip

Students learn and see things on trips they may have only read about—and experiencing it all in real life is something they will want to remember and relive for years to come.

There’s an app for that.

Employee Spotlight: Ashley Williams

Ashley Williams, an educational account executive for Hemisphere Educational Travel, works with schools to help plan student tours that complement their curriculum.

Kicking It Forward

Young soccer players often outgrow their soccer uniforms and other gear before they outwear them. Recently, a network of travel industry professionals in the United States helped a youth soccer club outfit teams in Costa Rica.

Seeing Past History's Headlines

One of my favorite and most interesting parts of my career with Hemisphere Educational Travel is itinerary development. Visiting new sites, working out timing and meeting the people involved is fun and rewarding.

Hemisphere recently developed an itinerary based on the American Civil Rights Movement. In February, I brought along two coworkers to assist in the site selection, timing and routing. While we were more than ready to work out the logistics of the itinerary, we were not necessarily prepared for the emotional experience that lay before us on our four-day tour of Alabama and Atlanta, Georgia.