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Do Your Students Have What It Takes to Lead a Nation?

Mount Vernon has a new interactive exhibit—one that allows students to step into George Washington’s boots and see if they have what it takes to lead as Washington led.

Be Washington is a new experience in which students come face-to-face with a leadership challenge that George Washington confronted either as commander-in-chief of the continental army during the Revolutionary War or as the first president of the United States.

7 Things to Do in St. Louis

Gateway City is more than a doorway to the West. From national monuments to quirky contraptions, St. Louis, Missouri, is an opportunity for students to explore art, history, science and more.

Ultimate Student Group Travel Packing List

Being prepared for a trip is as simple as making a list and checking it twice.

Employee Spotlight: Kathleen Mitropoulos

Kathleen Mitropoulos began working at Hemisphere Travel four years ago as the receptionist. This past season, she joined the company’s Operations Department.