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The Hawaiian Islands: Boundless Exploration

Sandy shores, azul waters, lush forests … The Hawaiian Islands are paradise!

Yet the Aloha State is more than a vacation destination. The Hawaiian Islands’ rich culture and history offer students an experience akin to visiting another country, with the convenience of traveling with the United States.

Why Your Students Need Travel Insurance

Even with all that planning going into student travel, the unexpected can happen. Students get sick. Flights get canceled. Passports get stolen.

We’re not exactly arguing Murphy’s Law—anything that can go wrong, will go wrong—but there is a possibility something unexpected will disrupt a trip.

It’s Not Too Late to Plan Your 2018 Trip

Still want to plan a trip for 2018? It’s not too late! One-, two- and three-day travel opportunities can have a huge impact on your students’ lives. Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3!

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