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And the Winner is ...

Congratulations to Diane Schumann, the lucky winner of Hemisphere Educational Travel’s $500 MasterCard Gift Card contest run through our social media channels. 

Jennifer Ruhe

Jennifer Ruhe has worked with Hemisphere for approximately 3,095 days. As the Senior Educational Account Executive, most her time is spent working with the sales department, but she has also worked in the operations department.

Destinations You May Not Have Imagined

What destinations come to your mind when you think of student trips? While you may think New York City, Chicago or Los Angeles, have you considered these cities, emerging as top United States student travel destinations?

Proven Fundraising Tools

To make the dream of travel a reality, you need to have a plan and structure for fundraising, notes Carrie A. Olson, Ph.D., researcher and teacher from West Leadership Academy of Denver Public Schools.

Dr. Olson has traveled with more than 800 students from low-income neighborhoods. In the Teach & Travel edWebinar How We Helped Students Participate in Educational Travel: Proven Tools and Tips, she talks about the structure she used to successfully raise the money needed for educational travel.